September 21, 2016

Dramatic Changes Expected On 'Clash Royale' Game, As Gamers Wait For Update Patch Live Next Week

Lovers of the Clash Royale game could be up for a better gaming experience with the upcoming update of the game. The update is schedule for this month and it will bring with it dramatic changes on the mechanic of the game. The update is reportedly, one of the strategies Supercell, the developer of Clash Royale is using to bring back the popularity of the game.

Rumors hold that Supercell has been grappling to ensure players are interested in the game and the September update could just unravel the puzzle, as many changes are expected to make the game better.

One of the changes likely to be been, as it has been rumored, is that the Tournament rate on Clash Royale may be dropped from $5 to $1, which means that more players may be lured into having the fun of the game.

Gamers will be allowed to use Gems as a form of payment for Tournament. It is also believed that the players will spend longer time in playing the game.

Another expected change is the purported Healing Cards that were originally designed for Clash of Clans, another blockbuster game from Supercell.

Healers are found at the back of troops and they are made to heal the tanks. The Healers give health points (HP) to players who play the Clash of Clans game. While Healers will feature in Clash Royale, that will happen in a different way because you will expect to see them more involved in the battle.

The developer of Clash Royale will also introduce another change in the game, which is the balance within the characters. Wizards and Giants are going to be nerfed by 5 percent; Giant Skeletons are going to be buffed to 5 percent.

It is not officially confirmed when the update for Clash Royale game is going to take place, but rumors hint that it could happen next week on September 20th. An announcement by Supercell for the exact update date may be made a few days prior to that.

Pokémon Go Cheating Allowing You to Walk Anywhere Without a Jailbreak Still Working after the Update
A Pokémon Go cheat that allows players to walk anywhere without jailbreaking seems to be still working even after the update.

Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go game released an update for iPhone as well as Android users that brings in the new Buddy feature while at the same time preventing jailbroken or rooted devices from being able to play the game. By bring this update, Niantic was thinking that most of the cheat apps for Pokémon Go require a rooted device and by blocking rooted users, the developer thought it would cut off cheaters.

However, the sad news for the developer, which may still be good news for the cheaters, is that the best cheat for Pokémon Go available on iPhone seems to be still working following the 1.7.0 update. The interesting thing about this is that the cheaters don’t even have to jailbreak their iPhone to use it.

One struggle for players when playing Pokémon Go game is that they have to do a lot of walking so that they catch them all. An augmented reality gameplay is provided by your actual location and camera of the phone. What this means is that a player has to dedicate a lot of time to the game, and this is something that seems annoying to players considering that tracking Pokémon does not appear to be as easy as it is intended.

Smart players have therefore devised ways to cheat and one popular cheat entails spoofing their location in order not for them to bike, walk or drive there.

It is an amazing hack that allows you to face the location you are in while also helping you to decide the Pokémon to hunt. So, you actually do it from school, work, or other location without even needing to move.

All you need to do for the cheat to work is install a fake app right on your iPhone without having to jailbreak the device.

Beta Version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to begin October 8

A beta version of Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is expected to begin October 8 but this time only on PS4 consoles. Bandai Namco announced that the closed beta version for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be starting next month and the open beta version is scheduled for arrival on 14th October, just a few days after.

The drawback is that both beta versions are only going to be available on PlayStation 4. For those who would want to know the exact time the beta versions will start and end, here are the details:

Closed Beta version
Starting: 8th October at 1am PT; 4am ET; 10am CEST
Ending: 10th October at 1am PT; 4am ET; 10am CEST

Open Beta version
Starting: 14th October at 1am PT;4am ET; 10am CEST
Ending: 17th October at 1am PT; 4am ET; 10am CEST

Players who need to have a guaranteed access to closed beta, they would want to pre-order Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 through a digital platform known as PlayStation Store. During this time, the developer Bandai Namco will be giving out some code through different ways and the users will be able to download the closed beta client sometime on October 7.

Fortunately, for the open beta, all users are going to be able to download the client starting the 13th October.

Bandai Namco has asked gamers to be ready to participate in the tournaments in a bid to show the world that they are the best Time Patrollers. And as a surprise or rather an incentive, all the players participating in the Beta are going to receive some small gift at the time when the game will be released.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is going to launch in North America on 25 October and in Europe, it will launch on 28 October, and these launches will be for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 users.


NetherRealm Confirms “Mortal Kombat X’ DLC for PS4, Xbox One

Fans of the Mortal Kombat X are expecting a new DLC, which they are calling Kombat Pack 3 after the name given to the previous game updates. Previous updates where known as  Kombat Pack 1 and 2, it is not certain if the forthcoming update of a new DLC is still going to bear the same name.

No words about it from NetherRealm Studios, so the new patch may not be certain.

Another thing that makes the new patch uncertain is that NetherRealm Studios remained silent about the DLC for Mortal Kombat X during its participation at the EVO 2016. Typically, these events serve as the platforms for game developer to make announcements or highlight their games and updates, however, this time, the convention ended without getting any word or hint from the developer about the patch or the update.

In addition, the co-creator of Mortal Kombat X, Ed Boon previously said that NetherRealm Studios was not intending to reveal its plans way in advance. This meant that they weren’t giving any details or information pertaining the game.

Nonetheless, there was an about-turn regarding the same issue when Boon did an update on his Twitter account that confirmed the coming of a new patch. The update of the details on Boon’s Twitter account was done on September 10.

In the Tweet, it read that, "MKXL players! We WILL soon release a gameplay balance patch & ideally would like to target its release along with the PC launch of MKXL."

On top of that, Boon added that users of the PC version of Mortal Kombat XL were going to receive the new balancing patch that has been set to be published for PlayStration 4 and Xbox One players.

Further, the co-creator of the game said that they were planning to present a pod cast called Kombat Kast, which is going to allow players to get more details about changes and improvements expected to be introduced in the coming period. 

iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool May Be Coming Earlier Than Expected

Players may have been disappointed with how the jailbreaking tool by Pangu for iOS 9.3.3 was short lived. However, this did not stop hackers from pursuing their interest of getting a jailbreak to the latest iOS 10 system.

The jailbreak tool may actually be arriving earlier than it was thought.

Apple counteracted the move by hackers to get a jailbreak tool were it released the latest iOS firmware intended for iDevices just a couple of days ago.

Previously, an Italian hacker by the name Luca Todesco surprised people when he said that we could jailbreak iOS 10 and this guy presented a video showing how he successfully can jailbreak the newest version of iOS 10.

Apparently, the jailbreak is dubbed "Yalux" and from the demonstrations in the video, the tool was able to crack iOS 10 by simply doing a showcase on running MobileSubstrate support. 

Despite the claims by Todesco, there are no assurances that he is going to release his jailbreak tool because he has always not released his work. For the players, there is still something to smile about despite Todesco not likely to release the jailbreak tool.

Both iH8Sn0w and Pangu are working on a similar took for iOS 10. These two made it successfully in jailbreaking the iOS 10’s beta 8 version as seen in a demonstration at the MOSEC Security Conference. And this shows the big progress the jailbreak community is making.

It may be just a rumor, but there are hints that the Pangu’s iOS 10 Jailbreak could be coming out early this October.

However, these theories may just be taken with a grain of salt considering that Apple could still roll out changes with the newest iOS 10.


NBA 2K17 Release Events and Where to Get the Game Early

Xbox One and PS4 may seem to be taking some of the difficulties in finding some new games for players to play, however, publishers and developers are trying to make things easier by adding some new wrinkles. For instance, the launch of NBA 2K17 sometimes this week has presented some really hard time for users to track. Retailers are trying to hold special promotions by making partnerships with the likes of candy makers.

Some other retailers are throwing parties and events for the NBA 2K17 midnight release. It is a bit confusing for the users and the retailers alike. However, the game isn’t going to be released yet until September 20th. Nonetheless, it may be possible for gamers to get it early with the return of promotion dubbed Early Tip-Off Weekend. And not even, the demo of the game that brought features like MyPlayer and MyCareer last week is also giving gamers an opportunity to experience some of the new mechanics of the NBA 2K17.

For those yearning for the game, Best Buy, a leading electronic retailer in the United States will be opening its stores on 1st September to hand out copies of the game to gamers who pre-order. GameStop’s stores are going to remain open the night of 15th September too to give users copies of the game. 

There are different reasons to get a physical copy of the game, but if you just don’t want to get to the stores, you may consider the digital version. Users can download the digital versions of the games just some few days early in order to ensure that they are not stuck waiting for the launch day. These are known as pre-downloads and for the NBA 2K17, they are expected to start on September 14.

Launch Date Of 'Mortal Kombat X' DLC Still Unclear

Fans may be clamoring but it seems that the Kombat Pack 3 of the Mortal Kombat X game is not known when it will arrive. The highly waited downloadable content (DLC) for the game Mortal Kombat X did not feature anywhere in the just concluded Evolution Championship Series 2016 (Evo) in spite of the expectations from fans.

Well, it not just about when it will arrive but even when it will be created. It seems NetherRealm Studios is refraining from talking about the DLC. NetherRealm may be trying to remain silent on the details of Kombat Pack 3 but the fans still feel and think that the developer is doing something.

In the just ended month, the director of Mortal Kombat X, Ed Boon and the developer company NetherRealm Studios introduced a poll in the director’s twitter account. The poll asked followers if they could unload some money for the expected Xbox One S.

Fans may be excited about the coming of Kombat Pack 3, but many gamers may be giving up to the idea that the downloadable content DLC could be released anytime soon because Boon seems to be concentrating on another game by the NetherRealm Studios entitled Injustice 2, which has been rumored to hit the market sometimes next year. Fans may be wishing to have something delivered before this, particularly the DLC, but that still remains uncertain.

However, in spite of the uncertainty on Kombat Pack 3’s arrival, there is still some hope that something is on the pipeline. The Boon’s poll could only have been designed to disguise the release of DLC by dwelling on something irrelevant like Xbox One S. With no official statement from the developer and director, fans may just have to wait and speculate about the DLC.

The Delay For 'Batman: Return To Arkham' Could Be Over As Dark Knight Faces His Worst Year

The Batman's fading reception could take an about-turn with the critical release date of the Batman: Return to Arkham. The year might not have been too impressive for the Dark Knight's appearances; however, Return to Arkham may have the burden to try to lift off its back. It may be seen as the saving grace.

The Batman Franchise has had a dull year but the much-expected release of a more inspiring game is something that is going to change things. Batman: Return to Arkham is a title that could hold on for the moment. Batman: Return to Arkham has perhaps taken itself away from the seemingly uninviting rumors that had surrounded it including the delays in release and possibly a cancellation; this is according to Mobile and Apps.

Recently, the WB Games’s team hinted that it was going to give more time to the Virtuos Games’ team to deliver a more polished version of the Batman Arkham. However, Rocksteady Studios and the WB Games team announced the release of the game amid speculations that Virtuos Games may not deliver.

The release of the game Batman: Return to Arkham may only be one thing people are paying attention to. There is also the detailing of the game, especially in Play Station 4 and PlayStation 3 versions, which may still be another thing to look at during this time fans are keeping an eye on the game.

There has been unpleasant criticisms put forward against Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the bottlenecks given to not only Batman: A Telltale Series but also the Batman: Arkham Knight. These games had chaos in their PC versions, but it is expected that fans are going to feel relieved when finally Batman: Return to Arkham gets ashore. It is expected that Batman: Return to Arkham will be released on 18th October.


Be the First to Experience the Journey with FIFA 17 Demo Download

The download for FIFA 17 Demo is now available for gamers who use Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can be the first to take the journey with FIFA 17 Demo The Journey, which is powered by Frostbite. The experience will allow you live your real story both off and on the pitch on your console device or PC.

You can play Kick Off with some world-class clubs such as the Real Madrid, Manchester United, and FC Bayern Munich. Some of the interesting features you will find in the game include gameplay, new engine, and an experience as a rising star dubbed Alex Hunter in the much-touted Premier League.

The game has transformative innovations, which include New Attacking Techniques, Active Intelligence System, Physical Play Overhaul, and Set Piece Rewrite that will allow you to be able to own every other moment of FIFA 17. The new engine has given an edge to the game.

Frostbite is the engine powering FIFA 17 The Journey and it delivers an authentic, true-to-life action to this game on your console. What we know about The Journey is that it will be using Frostbite engine meaning it will have a quality rendering and gameplay. It may be able to deliver the best animation and framework that is ideal for a Story Mode.

In previous FIFA games, there may not have been authentic faces of the managers but as it has been in The Journey Trailer, the faces of the managers like Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho look brilliant. Alex Hunter is going to be the first story mode character for the gamers. The experience with Premier League is going to be just as real as it could get.

Your experience in the Story Mode will pretty much be influenced by game location, personalities, events, and real players.


Predicted GTA 6 Release Date

It’s a catch business to predict GTA 6 release. It all begun in 1997 in which Grand Theft Auto was released and featured in 2D for PS1. This was a basic game nonetheless; it managed to gain a lot of attraction. In 1999, it released some three versions and this marked the success of GTA. Since that time, Rockstar decided to continue releasing the GTA series.

GTA III came in, in 2001 followed by GTA Vice city that was released in 2002 and considered the milestone for the developers. In 2008, GTA IV was released and there was a record smashed by the developer when GTA V released in 2013 where it made the greatest launch global sales’ figures.

The GTA 6 release may not have been announced, however there are hints which try to speak about it. Leslie Benzies, in a press release on October 2013, said that although they did not know what GTA would be, they had the idea. This conversation seems to try to get gamers’ minds out of the GTA 6 because already the GTA 5 is trending on its peak.

While there may be no official hints for the release of the game, there are signs that something may be happening. Rockstar Games could be looking forward to develop another title but the attention is being put on Online GTA features and DLC’s.

A recent rumor touching on GTA 6 release date only mentioned about the release of the game for PS4 and it hinted that, it would happen sometime in 2017. The rumor also says that the game will not be released for Microsoft Xbox console, which is also another thing that leaves the rumor questionable.